Album Update!

Wiyaala has finished recording her new album. Produced by Jurgen Von Weckmar and Melissa Van der Spuy, the expected release date will be October/November 2014. The album features 13 new songs by Wiyaala in a intriguing fusion of Afro-Pop, contemporary western styles and traditional folk music from the north of Ghana.

The first single from the album is scheduled for release in September!

You Got The Power GH Mix


As you may have already heard, my new single ‘You Got The Power’ has been released and I’m so very excited about this one! I am now dropping the original GH mix of the song as a free download. Just go back to the homepage and grab the track there!

This song is a message to all young people in Africa who are struggling to do their own thing. It is a song to remind us that no matter what the setbacks, we still have the power. With God’s love, use your power to make the world a better place, for yourself, your family, and our brothers and sisters across the world.

'You Got The Power (GH Mix)' was co-written by myself and former Black n Peach member Noble Ni Nortey. The song was produced by Genius Selection in Accra and is released on the Djimba World Label.

Thanks again for all your support and I hope you enjoy this version. Remember, YOU GOT THE POWER!!!

Again, you can get the track for free at



You Got The Power is released today

It's finally here and I can't be more excited to announce the official release of my new single, You Got The Power!

This one is so very dear to my heart and is a good message for all people of Africa. This is not only a song for Africa, it is also a song for you. It is a song to empower people and let you know that you do have the power. Use your power for good and make the world a better place. Life is beautiful, always remember that.

You can get the new single on iTunes right now and I hope you enjoy it!